The Kidney Connection Program

Feel Confident In Your Nutrition, Improve Your Kidney Function, And Be Supported With Your Health.

What if you knew exactly how to live a better and longer life with CKD?

You’re probably here because…

  • You’re struggling to manage your CKD. No matter what you do you can’t seem to keep your GFR steady (or increase it).
  • You’re feeling confused with all the conflicting information out there and want to feel confident that the recommendations you’re following are based on evidence and previous success.
  • You feel out of control around food! You have no idea what you should and shouldn’t be eating and are worried that your lack of control is the reason your GFR is low.
  • You would do anything to have the tools and confidence to know you’re on the right path to managing your CKD without completely giving up the food you love!
  • You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. It’s time for something new!

But what if you knew exactly how to:

  • Eat to support your CKD and stop guessing what you can and cannot eat with CKD.
  • Enjoy all your favourite foods without worrying that your kidney function will decline.
  • Finally understand how to manage CKD for the long-term.
  • No longer stress upcoming blood work because you know you’ve been eating to support your kidneys and improve your GFR.
  • Regain your confidence in dietary choices by learning the right type of meal planning.
  • Live a longer, healthier and more energetic life with CKD.
  • Manage other conditions like diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Feel confident knowing that I will be there for you to guide you in improving your kidney functioning so that you can live a long, healthy life!

Hi there! I’m Emily Campbell and I have personally worked with over 100 clients to help them make long-lasting nutrition changes to manage CKD, so they can feel confident in their nutrition and lifestyle choices.

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator since 2016 and have helped people just like you, struggling to manage their CKD, to regain confidence in their nutrition for a longer, happier, and healthier life!

I can help you overcome the confusing world of nutrition so that you can preserve and improve your kidney function. Not only that, but I also help you feel in control of your nutrition even when eating out or at social events so that you can live your life to the fullest. You deserve to have a life you love!

This is why I am so excited to introduce to you The Kidney Connection!

Are you ready to walk the right path to managing your CKD once and for all?

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The Program:

How To Eliminate Any Confusion
About Your CKD Diagnosis And Nutrition.
How To Navigate Myths Or False Claims Related To CKD.
How To Regain Confidence
In Your Day To Day Life By
Implementing A Personalized Nutrition Plan for CKD.
What Dietary Factors Can Contribute To Healthier Kidney Function & How To Apply Them Even In Social Situations.
Gain Insight About What Decisions
To Make To Sustain Healthy
Renal Function Even If You Have Other Health Conditions Like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol.
That Living With CKD Is Easier And Less Stressful Than You Thought.
How To Remove Any Fear or Confusion Regarding Your Daily Choices.Learn To Prepare Tastier Foods & Consistently Have Alternatives At Hand That Support Healthy Kidneys.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The Program:

  • 8 Nutrition Lessons Including: Lesson Guides, Handouts and Resources
  • 4 Weeks of Meal Plans, Recipes and Grocery Lists
  • 7 Cooking Demo Videos, Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • Lifetime Access to Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Emily in the Private Kidney Connection Community
  • Peer Support and Accountability

Learn To Live A Healthier & Longer Life Even With CKD.

What makes The Kidney Connection process so successful?

There really is no “secret” to it! I’m here to support you and am passionate about getting you the CKD results you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what past students say were the most instrumental ingredients to their success:

Proper Guidance
Let’s face it. Living with CKD can be frustrating and lonely. Managing your nutrition requires consistency. It’s something that needs to be considered every day. Having a solid & clear foundation about what to eat is key in living a longer and healthier life with CKD.

Always Looking Forward
Instead of wasting hours googling, I will provide you with the information you need. Once you have the basics I will be there to hold your hand while we make the adjustments you need! We will make living with CKD a walk in the park! 

CKD Mindset
Living with CKD is tough. You might be struggling with limiting beliefs that don’t support your nutrition and kidney functioning. Part of my job is to deliver both a mindset transformation and set you on the right path to successfully managing CKD with ease.

This could be you too!

“This was such a worthwhile investment for me in getting a handle on my CKD. I think every CKD patient should take this course as they would benefit from this course as I did. It was so comprehensive! You are amazing Emily!”

Read What Previous Clients Have Said!

Successfully learning to manage CKD with ease once and for all is possible! You just need the right guidance, process & accountability.

Don’t delay managing your nutrition for CKD!

We can prevent further declines in your kidney functioning with proper nutrition. All you have to do is join, then I will guide you!

Joining this program will prove to be a transformational experience for you.
I promise!


What content is covered?

This program includes a total of 8 step-by-step modules to manage your diet for optimal kidney functioning.

If you have chronic kidney disease, this is the program for you. We will take a deep dive into major topics like protein, sodium, vegetables and fruit (and their common potassium concerns), whole grains (and their common phosphorus concerns), everyday eating, and lifestyle consideration. 

But you’ll also learn about managing other health conditions (like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure), and incorporating powerful nutrition and lifestyle techniques into your routine.

Is 1:1 support included?

The online community is an opportunity to ask me questions. I will host Q&A sessions where you can get access to me. Due to licensing requirements individual support is only open to Canadian residents.

How much time does the course take?

The program follows a self learning path, which enables you to learn at your own pace and includes 30 minute step-by-step lessons in each module. The bi-weekly live Q&A occurs on Wednesday and is recorded in case you cannot make it. Past participants have said that the biggest time commitment is cooking new foods and developing a habit of healthy eating, so I’ve provided you with plenty of meal inspiration and optional meal plans to follow.

How long can I access the content?

You will have full access to the content and Facebook community for life!

What if I don’t like the foods in the meal plan?

Everyone has their own taste preferences, and as a dietitian, I do my best to honour that! So you’re free to make any necessary changes to the meal plans provided throughout the program. On our Q&A calls I can support you with these modifications.  

Who can join the course?

Anyone! If you have CKD or are a family/friend to someone with CKD this is a course is for you!

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