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Why Work With Kidney Nutrition?

Individuals can lose more than 50% of their kidney function before symptoms appear. Early nutrition interventions plays an important role in managing kidney disease and diabetes, and at Kidney Nutrition we can help you navigate the complex world of food and nutrition and show you how food can be delicious and nutritious while achieving your health and nutrition goals. 

Does this sound like you?

Are you looking to delay the progression of your kidney disease through nutrition?

Are you struggling with all the confusing information available for a kidney-friendly diet?

Were you given a piece of paper and told to limit your salt and drink more water?

You deserve better and more support.

Imagine if you:

  • Knew what to eat every day to preserve your kidney function
  • Felt supported in choosing the right nutrients to save your kidney function
  • Were able to eat foods when you travelled, went to celebrations or out for dinner without any guilt or stress
  • No longer were worried to have your bloodwork checked
  • Felt confident in understanding your lab values

YOU CAN! You can live an amazing life with CKD, still eat the foods you want and nourish your body to preserve your kidney function. That is where a renal dietitian comes in with Kidney Nutrition 101.

Kidney Nutrition 101 helps you:

  • Gain confidence in understanding what foods to nourish your body by learning the foundation of nutrition
  • Feel empowered to take control of your kidney disease and plan nutritious and delicious meals and fuel your body
  • Get the support you need to live life to the fullest with food freedom while saving your kidney function

What is included with Kidney Nutrition 101:

  • One hour initial assessment and three 30 minute follow-up appointments over a 3 month period to help support you on your kidney-friendly diet
  • Unlimited messaging support between appointments
  • Lifetime access to video trainings, handouts, worksheets and guides that walk you through the basics and beyond for nutrition with chronic kidney disease
  • Bonus: copy of The Basics of Kidney Nutrition eBook, recipe book with kidney-friendly recipes, The Complete Meal Planning Guide for CKD, and 14 day meal plan
  • Optional: Personalized meal planning, grocery shopping guides, and cooking demonstrations to make meal time easy

Meet The Kidney Nutrition Team

Emily is Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition. Over the years, I have experience working with individuals with a variety of kidney conditions to help them improve their eating and preserve their kidney function I have been practicing as a renal dietitian for over six years and am also a two-time cookbook author of The Complete Renal Diet Cookbook and Renal Diet Cookbook for Caregivers.

Antonia is a Registered Dietitian who has been working in the area of renal nutrition for the past 12 years. She is excited to work with those who have chronic kidney disease and help them learn about the role of nutrition and its impact on managing kidney disease. Work with Antonia to create a nutrition plan that is individualized for your specific nutrition needs, that is also sustainable and achievable.

Antonia is accepting clients in Ontario only.


Arti Parpia is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with 15 years of experience in kidney disease and diabetes.  She has her Masters in Nutritional Sciences and has a passion for doing research that is meaningful to patients and the kidney diet. When working with patients, she believes that all foods can fit and strives to make the renal diet enjoyable, safe and easy to follow. Coming from a South Asian background, she strongly believes that the renal diet can be inclusive of all different types of cultural foods and will work with you on how to incorporate your favourite meals ‘from back home’.

Arti will be accepting new clients in Ontario soon.


What content is covered?

If you have chronic kidney disease, personalized nutrition is important. We’ll start with reviewing your blood work and the foods you eat and put together a plan so that you can meet your nutrition needs, optimize your diet and have clarity on what to eat to preserve your kidney function. We will teach you the basics of kidney nutrition and strategies for every day eating.

What if I have other health conditions?

Health is more than just focusing on chronic kidney disease. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any other health conditions we will include these in our nutrition plan.

What if I am located outside of Canada?

Due to licensing requirements we are only able to support Canadian residents in Ontario or Alberta for individual nutrition services.

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