The Best Ice Cream Choices For CKD

The warm weather is here and if you’re living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) you may be wondering if you can enjoy ice cream still.

Well the short answer is, of course! This article has you covered to help you choose kidney-friendly ice cream flavours. So what exactly are the best ice cream choices for CKD. Let’s dive in.

Ice Cream and Potassium

Ice cream can be a source of potassium, but how much really depends on the flavour you are having. 

For example, ½ cup vanilla ice cream has 139 mg potassium, ½ cup strawberry ice cream has 130 mg potassium, and ½ cup chocolate ice cream has 174 mg potassium.

The best ice cream choice for CKD: choose lower potassium flavours if potassium is a concern for you.

Ice Cream and Phosphorus

Ice cream is made up of dairy, which is a source of phosphorus. And again, the amount will depend on the flavour. 

For example, ½ cup vanilla ice cream has 73 mg phosphorus,  ½ cup strawberry ice cream has 70 mg phosphorus, and  ½ cup chocolate ice cream has 75 mg phosphorus.

Adding toppings like nuts, chocolate or caramel will increase the phosphorus. The best ice cream choice for CKD: try to stick to just plain ice cream.

Other things to consider

When we think about kidney-friendly foods, we want to think about the entire diet. Of course ice cream can fit, but it also is a source of sugar in our diet. Too much sugar can increase our blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels. If blood sugar is a concern, look for sugar free alternatives. 

When having ice cream, remember to be mindful about your portion size, aim for ½ cup, and frequency, try to limit to once in a while. 

You might be wondering about some other hot weather treats. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Sherbert
  • Popsicles
  • Frozen yogurt 

For low potassium options, choose fruit flavours that are traditionally low in potassium like: lemon, lime, raspberry, strawberry or vanilla.

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    1. Everyone’s nutrition needs are different so it is best to speak with your healthcare team for personalized recommendations. But almond milk can be included in a kidney-friendly diet, just watch out for those phosphorus additivies in the ingredient list.

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