Meal Planning With CKD

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There are also companies out there that have CKD friendly meals already made. Check them out here.

  • Check your fridge to see what you already have and need to use up
  • Check your schedule for the week and see how much time you will have for cooking and choose recipes accordingly 
  • When planning each meal aim for a balanced plate of fruit & vegetables, grains, and protein 
  • See if there are multiple recipes that include the same ingredient for convenience 
  • Make a grocery list with all required ingredients 
  • Check out local flyers or apps like Flipp to see what is on sale or in season
  • Don’t forget snacks!
  • Canada’s food guide is a good reference source for more meal planning tips and tricks
  • Use meal planning apps like Kidney Community Kitchen Meal Planner
  • Choose a fruit or two like blueberries and strawberries 
  • Choose vegetables: cauliflower, red peppers, lettuce, carrots
  • Proteins: tofu, salmon, hummus, lentils, animal proteins (check out these portion size options)
  • Carbohydrates or grains: rice, pita, oats, rice paper wrappers


  • Blueberry, strawberry and cauliflower smoothie
  • Blueberry lentil muffins and some strawberries – prep these ahead and use for breakfast and snacks throughout the week
  •  Overnight oats with blueberries 




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